Digital Sales Development: How Smart Content Marketing Brings in Profits

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Smart Content Marketing Brings in Profits

When businesses think of content, they often make the mistake of underestimating its overall effect on customers. So, you’ll find websites with one or two paragraphs about a company and nothing else – which is a lost opportunity. Well-made content can net your company profits in the long run and here’s how it does that:
  • Creates a connection. Smart content is tailor-made to your target market. This means it creates a direct connection with your potential customers. For instance, you won’t have a home repair store’s blog talking about the color of nail polish. On the other hand, providing a potential customer with a guide on how to retile his bathroom inclines him or her to buy those tiles from your tile store.
  • Increases brand exposure. Well-written blogs attract a wide audience. These readers potentially have blogs of their own or social networking profiles. Those are the possible sites where they could share links to your site, increasing its exposure. Additionally, the more reputable a site is, the higher it is on search rankings. Combine this with search engine optimization strategies, and your site can sit there at the top of any web search.
  • Can be the tipping point. When people make purchases, they often have to choose between several possible options. If all are equal in terms of quality, it can be difficult to make that choice. Posting content that promotes your product or service—ranging from price guides to customer recommendations—may help tip the balance in your direction.

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