Digital Sales Development: February 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Make Your Content a Profit Magnet

The Internet has always been swarming with advice on how to create quality content, but many businesses still fail to benefit from this digital marketing tool’s full potential. Starters, forget the lengthy tips list and statistics for now. Here are two basics to keep in mind:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Content Marketing Professionals in Houston, TX Can Hone Your Game Plan

People who are familiar with Houston’s economy can see the rationale in better market positioning through content material. While much of the city is geared towards the aerospace , shipping and energy industries, other sectors such as tourism , medical and retail still hold ground, especially when top events are hosted in the area. Increased exposure and the potential for more customer transactions are quite possible if you give expert content marketing professionals in Houston, TX like Digital Sales Development a call. “What’s in it for Me?” The above question is always in the minds of customers who’ve been initially attracted by the sight of any product or service. The content that your team generates should be able to answer that without getting too salesy. Dholakiya said that people want something that adds value to their everyday lives; how does your product/service make it possible in ways they can relate to?