Digital Sales Development: 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do Better With Expert Content Marketing Professionals in Houston, TX

Recent changes in algorithms have added more power for search engines to sift through and penalize/reward quality content being posted on various webpages. Some business experts claim that well-written content pieces enable a brand to link bridges with customers and start a good business relationship. Getting started in the right direction requires tapping the help of expert content marketing professionals in Houston, TX, like the crew at Digital Sales Development (DSD).

Content Marketing Professionals in Houston, TX Perform Excellent SMO

Basically, social media optimization (SMO) is differentiated from search engine optimization (SEO) by the type of content it utilizes. describes SMO as more art than science because there’s no definite standard or format for which the articles can be patterned. The main goal is to produce content that is creative enough for readers to consider sharing. SMO is becoming a staple online marketing option for big businesses in prominent cities like Houston, TX. No wonder skilled brand optimization specialists in Houston, TX are becoming more and more in demand. Hiring content marketing professionals in Houston, TX, just like those from reputable companies like Digital Sales Development, is your best bet to producing shareable articles. These professionals are equipped with outstanding communication skills, allowing you to communicate with your target market.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ensure the Successful Promotion of your Practice

Independent medical practitioners will use various means to better promote themselves to prospective patients. Some of the professionals lament that online medical resources get things wrong when it comes to providing better information about a disorder or medication. This often underlines a need for expert content marketing professionals in Houston, TX to help the healthcare practitioner position themselves to help patients in need. Here are a number of ways to make it work.

Stated Goal

Some medical marketers say that in promoting yourself, the goal is not to say you can diagnose anyone, but to show yourself as knowledgeable and willing to help in your particular field. In this regard, if you have a special website, a blog section can detail your thoughts on various health topics and how your services apply into treating them.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Content Marketing Could Make you King of the World

It’s pretty ironic how much content can influence consumers more than hard selling material. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of visitors base major decisions on information obtained from blogs and articles as opposed to traditional advertising. A good number of these visitors also feel that they are able to make more sound decisions using the same content.

Content marketing is basically selling masquerading as content. Content marketing professionals in Houston, TX do what they do best using blogs, eBooks, podcasts, email newsletters, social media posts, webinars– practically any method of digital information dissemination. It’s cost effective and it touches many people instantly.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Content Marketing Professionals in Houston, TX Capitalize on Hot News

The nose for news is never more prevalent than in Houston, TX, with some events profoundly affecting locals. Last October 29, 2014, students at a Houston school were saddened to see a NASA resupply rocket marked for the International Space Station crash just seconds after launch. The rocket carried materials they had prepared for experiments on the station. There’s a potential to miss out on a rare window that may have the best exposure for your product or service. That’s why you should enlist expert content marketing professionals in Houston, TX like the team at Digital Sales Development to get you on the best position when you need it.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Understanding Image Licenses

Images are a great way to add color to your content. However, you can't just Google an image and add it to your blog post. A photo of Houston at night may look lovely, but using it without asking for permission first may be breaking not only professional ethics, but legal regulations as well. To avoid this, it's important to learn about image licensing and its types.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things to Consider Before Hiring an SEO Consultant

The Web can be a very cutthroat environment for marketing, especially when search engine optimization (SEO) is involved. Businesses might find it difficult to get their websites on the first few pages of search engine results, especially since their competitors are also doing the exact same thing. Companies that find themselves struggling with their ranking might want to work with knowledgeable SEO consultants to improve their ranking and potentially boost the number of customers they have.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Smart Content Marketing Brings in Profits

When businesses think of content, they often make the mistake of underestimating its overall effect on customers. So, you’ll find websites with one or two paragraphs about a company and nothing else – which is a lost opportunity. Well-made content can net your company profits in the long run and here’s how it does that:
  • Creates a connection. Smart content is tailor-made to your target market. This means it creates a direct connection with your potential customers. For instance, you won’t have a home repair store’s blog talking about the color of nail polish. On the other hand, providing a potential customer with a guide on how to retile his bathroom inclines him or her to buy those tiles from your tile store.
  • Increases brand exposure. Well-written blogs attract a wide audience. These readers potentially have blogs of their own or social networking profiles. Those are the possible sites where they could share links to your site, increasing its exposure. Additionally, the more reputable a site is, the higher it is on search rankings. Combine this with search engine optimization strategies, and your site can sit there at the top of any web search.
  • Can be the tipping point. When people make purchases, they often have to choose between several possible options. If all are equal in terms of quality, it can be difficult to make that choice. Posting content that promotes your product or service—ranging from price guides to customer recommendations—may help tip the balance in your direction.

Titles Should Matter to Content Marketing Professionals in Houston, TX

The same article detailed new research that has reinforced the importance of producing great headlines—something that savvy content marketing professionals in Houston, TX, such as Digital Sales Development, have always tried their best to do. The study attempted to identify the types of headlines readers resonated with the most. Through the analysis, researchers found out that majority of online users still favor number headlines, such as “27 Ways to Keep the Doctor Away.” This was followed by a preference for reader readdressing, such as “Ways Your Driving Habits can Save You Money.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Reputation Lessons: American Airlines

Glitches happen. Anything made by human hands (i.e. computers) is prone to problems. If a solution can't be made available for the time being, the next best thing will be to mitigate the effects. For example, if you're hungry but it's not yet time for lunch, water can fill your stomach for the time being.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Win the Brand Race with Content Marketing Professionals in Houston, TX

"The city being a pretty large place, and with plenty of brand optimization specialists in Houston, TX, you may be exposed to different action plans that could befuddle you. Online marketer Tina Courtney-Brown shares some useful insights in her article on the Before It’s News website about becoming a champion in this fierce contest. Make a plan and stick to it Creating a plan and seeing it through to the end is everyone’s responsibility. Of course, any of the content marketing professionals in Houston, TX could be consulted for assistance, like Digital Sales Development, with whom you can initially set up a consultation free-of-charge."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a relatively new strategy for many businesses, especially those who have yet to fully embrace social media. This form of marketing makes use of unique and insightful content that creates and draws in customer loyalty, thereby increasing opportunities for future business. More than that, this is also an effective tool to create trust between the business and the community. It can even be used to position company executives as thought leaders in their industry.