Digital Sales Development: How to Make Your Content a Profit Magnet

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Make Your Content a Profit Magnet

The Internet has always been swarming with advice on how to create quality content, but many businesses still fail to benefit from this digital marketing tool’s full potential. Starters, forget the lengthy tips list and statistics for now. Here are two basics to keep in mind:
Divide to multiply
While a broad or generic approach reaches more audiences, the impression isn’t as lasting as when you complement your content with specifics. Remember that each of your business’s features appeals strongly to a particular niche; take advantage of that to attract more customers. For instance, you say your restaurant is family-friendly; you can then appeal to household decision makers by emphasizing the importance of bonding with the children. You may also position it as an ideal place for dating, for business meetings, and other occasions. Note that the closer your content is to a target’s lifestyle, the stronger your hook will be.

Keep it light
It’s okay to be technical when your audience possesses the same knowledge as you do. But if you’re selling appliances to a housewife, she would rather hire an electrician to fix it than read discussions about its wirings. Minimize the use of jargon; if it’s unavoidable, provide an explanation in terms that the audience would understand. If yours is a law firm, remember that the legal world is naturally intimidating to the average layperson. Reserve the Latin for the judge.

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