Digital Sales Development: Content Marketing is Different From Advertisting

Friday, May 29, 2015

Content Marketing is Different From Advertisting

Every day, we are bombarded by advertising. It's on billboards, television and the Internet, and so many businesses use them to claim their products and services are the best to the point that consumers have grown cynical towards advertising and have tuned it out. This is even easier today when consumers can escape distracting advertisements with the click of the mouse.

That's why content marketing is becoming more important to bringing consumers to a brand. Content marketing isn't advertising. Rather, it's quality content provided by a brand that does not overtly promote. A famous example is the Jello Cookbooks that the company began publishing over a century ago. These high quality books gave consumers recipe ideas and created trust in the Jello brand. Another classic example is the The Furrow magazine created by John Deere about agricultural issues. The idea is to make available content associated with a brand - however subtly - that consumers want to access. 

The Internet has opened up many more possibilities for content marketing in the United States. A high quality blog can showcase a brand's expertise and give it a distinctive voice. Podcasts can answer consumers' questions about a subject and leave them with good feelings towards the brand that made it available.

Content marketing is especially important for small businesses. With the help of a content marketing agency, a small business can raise its profile and reputation with a clever blog, useful mobile app and many more. 

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